Sheffa – Classic Hummus Flight Meal

Sheffa – Classic Hummus Flight Meal


Classic Hummus - Chickpeas, sesame seed paste, sunflower oil, lemon juice, water, garlic and salt.

Everything Savory Bar - SHEFFA Whole Grain Blend (brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, millet), sunflower seeds, chickpeas, plant based dietary fiber, whole sesame seeds, tapioca starch, olive oil, poppy seeds, onion powder, dried carrot, garlic powder, sea salt and spices.

Dark Chocolate Granola Bar - Certified gluten free oats, dark chocolate (sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter), puffed brown rice, inverted cane sugar, hazelnuts, date syrup, sesame seeds, canola oil, brown, sugar, pea protein, inulin, cocoa paste, non GMO soy lecithin, cocoa powder, sea salt and natural flavors.

Follows GF Guidelines

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